HCC Membership Track Podcast
COMPLETE MEMBERSHIP: Next Steps to Membership

We’re so glad you’ve gone through this process hope it’s challenged you to become a church member you only have to do a few steps

  1. Let us know – visit, harmonychurhc.cc/member and fill out the form to let us know you have finished the membership track podcast series
  2. Keep your pledges somewhere that reminds you of the commitment you have made to be a functioning part of the body of Christ at Harmony
  3. Find your fit in ministry if you haven’t already
  4. join a group if you haven’t already so you can get involved with other Christians to encourage them as you grow together
  5. Start actively supporting Harmony with prayer and financially supporting the ministry of the church

We’re so thankful for you and the steps you are taking to grow – if you are interested in going deeper in leadership, be sure to indicate so on your form when you fill it out….