HCC Membership Track Podcast
Membership Track 5 - I will lead my family to be Healthy church members
  • In our day to day life, we typically outsource our children’s education to experts – we call those people teachers
  • It can be easy for us to transfer that same concept to our children’s spiritual growth
  • The problem is, spiritual growth is about 80% caught and about 20% taught – that’s part of why it’s so vital for people to continue to meet with other Christians through the gathering of the church
  • This means families are the ones who do most of the spiritual growth education for their kids – you are forming them spiritually already, the question is whether you will be intentional about it
    • Pray together as a family for the church (our family prays every Sunday on the way to church for church
      • For spiritual protection
      • for protection from moral failure
      • For the preaching fo the word
      • For their families
      • For encouragement
      • for physical strength
      • for courage
      • for discernment
      • for wisdom in leadership
    • Worshipping together as a family – make a decision that you will lead the way in celebrating God’s work in the world by worshipping weekly together as a family.
    • Falling deeply in love with the bride of Christ -we live in a world where being critical is almost a rite of passage – what if you lead in your family with an unconditional love that reflected Jesus – that you taught your kids there will be people who are hypocrites in church – because there is no better place for them!