HCC Membership Track Podcast
HCC Membership Track Podcast
Membership Track 4 - I will pray for my church leaders
  • Ministry is a different animal than any other job
    • been called out for a funeral of a young mother who died tragically
    • Facebook messages in the middle of my kids ball games asking deep theological questions as someone considers leaving the faith
    • In emergency rooms
    • In pre-marital counseling
    • Coaching and meeting with staff and volunteers
    • Coordinating huge events
    • Meeting one on one with individuals
    • Setting up chairs and tables
    • Speaking to hundreds of people
    • Making sure I have time for my wife
    • Make sure my kids NEVER feel the pressure of being a pastors kid
    • Someone stops by because they are struggling
    • Stop in at the school to see kids, have several church people stop you to ask you questions
    • Start all over again the next day
  • My brother who used to be in ministry said it’s like a stick of butter that’s melted all over the plate
  • Ministry is carrying a burden for people, and it’s not just me – every one of our staff members carry’s this burden
  • We have chosen to give our lives to this, and with all humility, we ask you to pray for us as members of this body.
  • What to pray for?
    • Pray for our families – Pastors families have incredible pressures on them.  Our spouses are introduced by our titles, people unfairly put pressure on our kids that they don’t deserve.  
    • Pray for our protection – Satan would love nothing more than to take down one of our staff members.  Because if he can get us he will cause other’s to fall as well
    • Pray for our Physical and Mental health – we are often times dealing with incredible stresses, knowing the deepest pains and struggles of peoples lives that we care for.  It can take a huge toll on a person
  • It feels self-serving to ask for prayer – but I’ll tell you, it’s because we need it.  Desperately